Monday, July 23, 2012

Make Part-Time Money From Home

Everyone wants to find ways to earn extra money now a days but where do you start? Most people will look for a part-time job to bring in another form of  income and in most cases this is the only answer.

Why not get a part-time job from home and earn extra money and some cool prizes with your computer or smart phone. The best part is you can become a free member and get paid a bonus just for signing up with these sites.

There are many home base work at home opportunities but I will focus on the ones that don't require a skill or any start up fees to get started. Some of the sites listed do have a way to upgrade yourself to earn more money but you can always stay with a  free membership as long as you like. Also please make sure to read the rules of each site and learn how to use each site to your advantage.
Click Here For More Free Ways To Earn Cash And Gift Cards With Your Smart Phone.

With paid to click sites you are paid to click on advertisements, Youtube ads, email ads, or videos. You can get paid any where from $0.05 to $0.15 for every ad that you click. This may not seem like a lot but it all adds up especially when you are doing many ads on many different sites.

With GPT sites you are getting paid to try products or services. Companies who want you to become a potential customer will pay you to try out a new product or service or give you the product to try for free. With theses sites you can also get paid to sign up for free newsletters so new companies can promote their name.  
Most of us go to the movies and out to eat wouldn't be nice to get paid for it. This site gives you points for things like eating at Taco Bell and you can use this to earn gift cards to some of your favorite places. The GPT sites above also offer this as well.
With survey sites you are getting paid to give your opinion on new or existing products. Companies really want to know what you really think about a product. These are the shortest two survey sites online very easy  with 3 question surveys under 3 minutes long.

Most of us are signed up with Facebook or Myspace and we are able to talk and blog to one another but are we getting paid to do this? The answer is no. There are sites that will pay you to blog and partake in their forums. If you are going to use it anyways why not get paid for it.

If you go online and search for anything there is a way to get paid for it. Some sites offer you money and some offer you points that can be turned into money. So next time you are searching for a pair of shoes get paid to do it.  

Do you get paid to watch videos or better yet get paid to watch your favorite shows on TV? Why not start now here are some paid to watch sites.

Here is where you can really earn some nice income right from home. Have you ever tried a product or service and told a friend about it? When your friend used it did you get paid? Advertisement agencies will pay you when you get a friend, coworker, or family member to sign up with their free sites. This is possible because the agency will use the money they would of paid for advertisement to give to you. Once you refer someone to sign up you get paid every time your referral gets paid.
Get paid up to $3.00 for each referral and $5.00 every time they get paid

Most of the sites listed offer all these programs together in one.  It is also best to make an email account just for these sites. This is so you wont get a lot of spam to your regular email or miss out on paid emails they send you. It is also a good ideal to always use REAL information you don't want to waste your time earning money that you can't cash because you lied during sign up. Some sites give you extra cash if you do them daily so don't give up and do your best. Good Luck to you all and don't forget to have fun earning some cash and prizes at home.

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